Do our quiz to see if you are a experienced investor –

Have you ever bought and sold individual shares?

Have you ever subscribed to QL or CB?

Do you know what PE stands for in the term PE ratio?

Do you know what a dividend yield is on a share?

Do you know how to compare yields on bonds and shares?

Have you ever come across cryptocurrencies?

Do you know what ETF stands for?

Do you know what is meant by the term growth share?

Have you ever read an annual report for a company?

Do you know how many shares there are in the Dow Jones Industrial index?

Do you know what a day trader is?

Do you know what CFD stands for?

Do you read any of The Investors Chronicle, The Financial Times, or the business pages in the Sunday Times or the Sunday Telegraph?

Can you name the four companies referred to by the acronym FANG?

Do you know the difference between an income fund and a growth fund?

Can you name three emerging markets that would be likely to feature in an emerging markets fund?

Could you identify the world’s largest company by market value (it’s American)?

Have you ever heard of NASDAQ?

Do you know what kind of shares you might find on AIM?

Do you know what a tracker fund does?

What is an investment portfolio?

Do you know the difference between technical analysis and fundamental analysis?

Do you know the difference between a profit and loss statement and a balance sheet?

Have you ever heard of Warren Buffett?

If you answer yes or know the answer to at least 10 of these questions then the Quentinvest shares product could be for you; if not you should probably start with the ETF product and build your knowledge.