Heart of the QL System

At the heart of all my publications is a table of shares that have featured in them since 2009, when a new secular bull market began.

I call this table the QL Live Portfolio table. The QL (short for the Quantum Leap Investment Newsletter) is a slight misnomer because it also includes shares that have featured in QL’s sister publication Chart Breakout (CB). Since July it also includes shares that have featured in my newest investment service, Quentinvest (QV), which is only available online so can be thought of as an online publication.

The reason I include recommendations from CB and QV as well as QL is to help people focus on my strategy of constantly re-recommending shares in long-term growth phases. Shares in great long-term performers like Amazon and Netflix have featured as many as 30 times at rising prices across the publications.

The use of the word Live is to distinguish the still current recommendations in the QL Live Portfolio table from the Dropouts table. The latter includes all shares that have given long-term sell signals and been dropped from the Live Portfolio table. I still monitor the performance of the latter and, just as happens with the football leagues, shares can win promotion back to the Live Portfolio table if this is warranted by their performance.

Another way of thinking about the Live Portfolio table is as a specially chosen list of the world’s top growth shares. It is not exhaustive. Global stock markets are huge, with maybe 100,000 shares quoted worldwide and in a constant state of change. Plus I am constantly looking so new names are added all the time. These additions to the table (marked NE for New Entry) can take place even before the shares have featured in any of my publications.

The table has been created primarily for my use so contains information which, allied to my existing knowledge, enables me to form an instant opinion about shares in the list, including classifying them as buy, add, hold, reduce and sell. This last is a drastic step only taken, when a company seems to have seriously lost its way.

The table has been growing since 2009 so inevitably has become very large. Remember that in my publications I make some 30 new recommendations and re-recommendations every month so there is a lot going on. In total the QL Live list now runs to 436 separate shares.

Furthermore there is no quick way of updating the list if I am to do it properly. For each share I have to look at the charts, the sector, the expected growth in earnings and latest developments from the ongoing story of the company’s progress in the world.

I need to do all this because I evaluate shares according to what I call the 3Gs (great story, great growth, great chart). For more on how and why I do this see accompanying story on the main web site.

In order to make steady progress I dedicate two hours each day to updating the table. Subscribers to any of my publications can view the results in the daily updated table posted on the web site to which they have access.

On the main web site, in front of the paywalls, non-subscribers will be able to see my discussion of stocks that look particularly interesting from the latest updating. This will help them gain some understanding of the power of the techniques I use to choose stocks for my paying subscribers and hopefully will encourage some of them to become paying subscribers as well.

All trading involves risk. Losses can exceed deposits. Quentinvest provides information only and subscribers should seek financial advice before acting on any recommendations. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.