The Man behind Quentinvest

My name is Quentin Lumsden and I am the founder of Quentinvest and the inventor of the QV System about which I am incredibly excited. I have had a long career in investment including working for stockbrokers, being a fund manager and writing investment newsletters for other people, including editing the IC Stockmarket Letter, an investment newsletter formerly published by the Investors’ Chronicle.
Some readers may know me as the founding editor of long-time investment newsletters, The Quantum Leap Stockmarket Letter and Chart Breakout. In continuous publication since 1984. At their peak the combined circulation of these two newsletters exceeded 11,000 making them by far the most successful quality investment newsletters ever published in the UK.
I am proud of them but I have always felt I could come up with something even better – now I have and is it. If and when he finds out what I am doing I confidently expect Warren Buffett to become a subscriber