Quantum Leap

For any investor wanting to build a high quality portfolio of the world’s fastest growing companies

The Quantum Leap Stockmarket Letter is an investment newsletter, which specializes entirely in shares in fast-growing companies. Shares are chosen from all over the world and selected according to the editor’s 3G criteria – great story, great growth, great chart. Unless all of these conditions are met the shares will not be recommended.

The newsletter follows a long-term strategy. The aim is not to achieve trading gains but to build a high quality portfolio of shares in the world’s most exciting businesses, which will appreciate in value over the years. Shares are only considered for sale if the business starts to underperform. A diversified portfolio of QL-selected growth shares should deliver excellent results even if you never sell anything.

All shares are personally selected by the editor, who is responsible for all the copy.

The publication is posted monthly to all subscribers. A typical issue contains seven featured shares of which some will be new recommendations and some will be recommendations for shares that have featured in past issues. Shares in Apple, for example, have been featured eight times at ascending prices since 2009. Buyers acting on each of those recommendations would now have a significant stake in Apple acquired at an average price well below the latest price.

Quantum Leap is supported by the QL Live Portfolio table. This has become too large to publish regularly but plays a key role in the editor’s decisions. It contains a list of all the shares, which have featured in Quantum Leap, Chart Breakout and Quentinvest since 2009, which are still live recommendations.

For more details on the QL Live Portfolio table and the performance of Quantum Leap from 2009 to the present please click on the Quentinvest for Shares section elsewhere on the web site and scroll down to the section – Heart of the QL System.

A new feature of the Quantum Leap service, so important it is virtually a new publication, is Table Talk. There are two aspects to Table Talk. The first is that as I go through the QL Live Portfolio Table, currently featuring shares in 456 of the world’s most exciting fast-growth companies, I note and report on ones that look good and any that I think should be sold.

In addition, I choose one share, about which I write at greater length, which becomes a recommendation. Because this comes from the table it will always be a follow-up recommendation. As there are likely to be 12 issues of Table Talk each year, this means there should be 12 Table Talk (TT) selections a year.

These will be added to the QL Live Portfolio table as TT selections. I will myself be building a TT portfolio based on these selections. The Table Talk feature will only be available online to all Quantum Leap subscribers.

Quantum Leap has been edited since its inception in 1984 by Quentin Lumsden, a former editor of the Investor’s Chronicle Stockmarket Letter, The USM Investor and before that an Australian investment newsletter called Chartwise. QL bought his first shares aged 17 and has been an active investor ever since.

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Readers are reminded that share prices can go up as well as down and that past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. Quantum Leap and Quentin Lumsden are not authorized to provide financial advice. The newsletter and web site are for information only. Quentin Lumsden, may and frequently does invest in the shares featured in all the publications for which he is the editor.

Since July 2017, Quentin Lumsden has committed to a policy of never selling purchases made following the Quentinvest for Shares and Quentinvest for ETFs alerts. It is likely that a similar strategy will be adopted for the Table Talk recommendations.

All trading involves risk. Losses can exceed deposits. Quentinvest provides information only and subscribers should seek financial advice before acting on any recommendations. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.