Quantum Leap and Chart Breakout Subscribers

So what’s happening with our websites?

Basically, we’re putting all our websites together into one, under the Quentinvest banner, that gives access to all our publications.

Existing subscribers to Quantum Leap, used to using the website www.quantumleapnewsletter.co.uk, and to Chart Breakout, used to using www.chartbreakout.co.uk, will still be able to find the PDF versions of their publications available on the new website.

But because the publications are for subscribers only, we’re asking you to re-enter your details for the new website using the button or buttons below appropriate to your publication.

We’re asking subscribers to do this because we’ve been finding quite a lot of our subscriber records on our database are out of date: people have moved or their email has changed, or we didn’t have a phone number for them. Going down this route also enables you to choose a simple login user name rather than having to log in with your full email.

We will recognise that you are an already registered subscriber if you are on our database, so no change in your payment arrangements will be needed. But new users will be sent the usual Standing Order form.

You don’t have to create a separate login for each publication; once you’ve created a login for one, as long as you’re already logged in on that one, you can click on the button below to subscribe to the other and your details will be carried over.

This applies too if you want to add subscriptions to our new “Quentinvest” online publications.

If some of your details have changed, so we’re not quite sure whether you are the existing subscriber you appeared to be, we may send you a new subscriber’s Standing Order form just in case. If this is a mistake, just let us know by emailing quentinvest@gmail.com or telephoning 020 7937 7879.

Finally, if your details are unchanged and you don’t want to go through the hassle of re-entering them, just email us at the address above stating who you are, and our hugely efficient South American secretary will enter all your details on the new website for you. This will, however, mean your login user name will have to be your full email address unless you give us an alternative that you would prefer to use.

During the changeover, we will keep to the Standing Order or “offline payment” system only as that’s what virtually all existing subscribers will be using and this will avoid any double-payment mistakes.

All trading involves risk. Losses can exceed deposits. Quentinvest provides information only and subscribers should seek financial advice before acting on any recommendations. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.