We have introduced a new service, Quentinvest for Regular Savers, to enable people who are not sure about whether to subscribe to Quentinvest to get a feel for what Quentinvest is all about.

Quentinvest for Regular Savers is still a serious service, and will give you powerful insights into the workings of the stock markets, and how to go about investing in them.

To subscribe, which is completely free, simply click on the button at the right of this page and give us your details. Make sure you give a correct email so you will be able to receive our emailed notices or “alerts”, and also your phone number. If you would like a chat first, you can phone us on 020 7937 7879.

Quentinvest for Regular Savers is not intended for existing subscribers to our paid services, but there’s no harm in paying subscribers’ choosing to add it to their existing subscriptions if they so wish.

Once you’ve decided to subscribe to one of our paying services, simply log in on your Regular Savers account, go to the page that explains all our paid services using the big black button below the red Regular Savers button on our home page, and you will find a button similar to the one on this page that will enable you to subscribe to each of our paying options.

If you wish to have the printed publications Chart Breakout or Quantum Leap actually sent to you, you should use the My Account option to enter your mailing information first.

Subscribe to Quentinvest for Regular Savers below – it’s FREE!