Quotes for the week 22nd October 2017

“Real growth stocks are almost always overvalued. The trick is when a growth stock, that’s truly a growth stock goes down solely because of valuation, when the fundamentals don’t get tripped up, that’s almost always a buying opportunity. No one is going to call those things exactly. But when they happen usually it’s like falling down an up escalator. You may be tumbling down, but the escalator is pulling you higher. The earnings are pulling you higher as the price gets lower. Well, take 10pc or 15pc off of stock price, raise earnings 10pc or 15pc, and suddenly you’ve corrected a lot of the excesses we were worried about.”

Fund manager17 July 2017

“It should be an enormous advantage for investors in stocks to have these wildly fluctuating valuations placed on their holdings.”

Warren Buffett 3 March 2014

“Apple is expanding its services business to monetize its installed base and offset a slowdown in iPhone sales, which were 63.4pc of Apple’s total mix in 2016. As this core product slows, it’s weighing on Apple’s growth as evidenced by an 11.8pc drop in iPhone revenue in 2016, which led to a 7.7pc decline in total sales. Still, the iPhone 8 and X should help fuel 3pc compound annual growth in iPhone shipments in 2016-2021, according to IDC (International Data Corporation, which provides data on global technology trends). Apple hopes to build on this growth by doubling its services businesses by 2021.”

Bloomberg report22 October 2017

“Electric car maker, Tesla reaches agreement with Shanghai government to set up its own manufacturing facility in Shanghai.”

Unconfirmed report in Wall Street Journal22 October 2017

“It’s a pretty reasonable assumption” that a bitcoin ETF is coming. People are looking for something fresh and new in the ETF space. Whether there’s huge demand for it, we would find out. Certainly people are going to try it.”

News report22 October 2017

“With more than 85pc of global customer transactions involving cash and a $100+ trillion total addressable market according to PYPL, the digital payment industry has enormous growth potential.”

Seeking Alpha22 October 2017

“M-commerce accounted for 11.6pc of U.S. e-commerce in 2016 and is forecast to reach $284 billion, or 45pc of the total U.S. e-commerce market in three years.”

Seeking Alpha22 October 2017

“Mobile shopping trends are pointing to m-commerce as the wave of the future for shoppers.”

Business Insider22 October 2017

“In the twenty-first century, the supply chain is no longer the central aggregator of business value. What a company owns matters less than what it can connect.”

Online research 23 October 2017

“The number of cars is estimated to double to 1.8 billion globally in 2035, according to BP Plc. Bloomberg New Energy Finance expects the number of EVs [electric vehicles] to reach 282 million by 2035, which implies EVs would still represent only 16% of the car fleet by then.”

Research from BP & Bloomberg23 October 2017