Subscribers’ Testimonials

“My dad was a long time subscriber of Quantum Leap since the 80’s and I’ve sporadically tapped into your recommendations and invested in shares over the years. I subsequently chose to subscribe to both Quentinvest for Shares and ETF’s. Initially, I invested through Hargreaves Lansdown and then, following your recommendation, opened an IG account (I also wanted to spread my risk between online providers). I initially shied away from following your recommendation to use CFD’s but then the cash I’d allocated for investing started to run out given the pace of investment. I then opened a single CFD account for both shares and ETF’s. What a revelation this has been in terms of the investing it’s allowing me to do. I also absolutely agree with you that there’s not a great deal of difference in leveraging for a house purchase vs. buying shares.

I’m following your aggressive strategy and am seriously excited about the prospects ahead for us whilst at the same time being realistic about the bumps in the road we’ll face, at times. All my investing in shares / CFD’s is using money I don’t need access to and I’m therefore fully adopting your and Warren Buffett’s strategy of being in this for the long term and never planning to sell. I’m already aware of your excellent track record from my dad’s and my previous dealings using your recommendations. I absolutely know you get it right far more times than you get it wrong and that your 3G strategy and investing in a hugely diverse portfolio means we’re considerably spreading our risk. Your track record speaks for itself in the final screenshot in this email which highlights the performance of my share portfolio as recommended by you vs. NASDAQ, DJI etc. What a seriously impressive achievement! Likewise my CFD account which has a profit of c.8k to date on deposit incurred of c.24k.

I feel very fortunate to have found you and to be able to follow your investing strategy. Also that you’ve made the strategy so very simple for your subscribers to follow by, for example, recommending numbers of shares to purchase etc. Also guiding us re IG. I don’t have the capacity to undertake the research required to do a fraction of the investing I’m able to do with your recommendations. You’re doing all the work for me and my fellow subscribers! With regards to your alerts, I much prefer the new format of detailing the numbers of shares to purchase in the heading to each share’s recommendation.

Many thanks for all the work you do on your subscribers’ behalf. It’s an incredible and thrilling journey to be on and I’m very excited about the prospects ahead for us all.” DB, June 2018

“It’s the content that matters. And the content is spot on. Always has been. ‘Less is more’ sometimes, at least when it comes to websites I think.” MF June 2018

“My husband and I started using the Hargreaves Lansdown website for trading in 2002 and I think it was probably about that time that we first subscribed to QL.   My husband died in 2006 and I have continued to use your advice without his highly developed financial brain behind me.    I would like to say a huge thank you.   I know the markets have had a good long run (and I am a little nervous at the moment) but my portfolio has done really well – with your help.” LB, 14 February 2018

“I don’t know how you cope – and there is so much detail in your missives – you must be rushed off your feet!  They are brilliant though – loving reading them (and investing!)”

L.G., Quentinvest for Shares subscriber, London, 18 January 2018

“As a subscriber to QL and CB, almost since you started them, I have great (grateful !)  respect  for your stock picking skills. I joined Quentinvest late (in late autumn) and perhaps missed any initial explanations of the arithmetical basis for  the size of holdings.  The excellent principle of increasing holdings in winning shares………while letting the less good wither……….has my full support.

I have been an active Spread Better with IG for over 30 years,  and have been assessed as a ‘professional’ under the new rules.  Since 2014 I have also had a sharedealing account with them.  The latter comprises almost entirely CB and QL recommendations.  Over time these will become biased more to Quentinvest shares.” HF, 25 January 2018

“I have been a subscriber to you for many years and have found your
advice very helpful.” MH, 29 January 2018

“Hi Quentin
Thank you. Yes, after further research I do invest in most recommendations but all and not leveraged. Having made all I need in the mineral exploration companies I ran and/or founded I use the knowledge and isreas that your informative writups provide for a fun portfolio  with two purposes; my own interest and stimulation, and for charity. From £5000 cash invested per unit £25,000 has already gone for charity (so some topslicing) and there are good gains of over £100,000 above the capital still growing. I certainly hope that those earlier in their careers are following the leverage and followup investment policy that Quentinvest promotes.
In the meantime thankyou for something that provides both good fun and a constructive purpose”
Michael  24 January 2018

“I hope your trip to Uruguay was as relaxing (notwithstanding the QV updates) as mine was to the Caribbean, and that you have a truly memorable Christmas.

Thanks for all your insights over the last year (and beyond via QL). These have realised an 18% gain for me in the last 12 months, and allowed me to take my parents to Antigua [don’t worry I didn’t sell anything!].

If that becomes a CAGR over the next 10 years, I will retire happy at 60!” MF 22 December 2017

“I read your newsletter regularly and am amazed at the quality of your selections.”

D.O., Quantum Leap subscriber, Ireland, 18 September 2017